IGN1A Coils and Components for 2JZ

IGN1A to Mojo ECU Side Adaptor harness

IGN1A kits and components Are now available for the 2JZ-GTE and GTE-VVTI. 2JZ-GE VVTI soon.
Full kits include 6 coils, sourced from AMP EFI, a bracket with hardware, Taylor Spiro-Pro 8MM plug wires, and a flying lead wire harness made with TXL auto-spec wire and nylon sheath.
Upgrade coil side harnesses to enable plug and play installation of IGN1A coils mating with the MOJO ECU side LQ9 harness are now available. This works with any of the currently available coil brackets. I am keeping a small number of these in stock, currently have 2. I will update this number as stock changes.
When ordering I will need to know the wire routing distance from the place where the harness leaves the head area to the negative battery terminal (for stock location batteries) or the location of the main engine ground ( for rear-mounted batteries). This is to provide the correct length of the harnesss' battery ground wire ( and battery plus for the relay equipped harnesses) for the many different battery relocation schemes.
An extra cost option is to include a fused, relay switched circuit to provide direct battery power to the coils via a fully sealed relay/fuse module. This is a fix for poor ignition performance due to deterioration of the car's stock coil power feed and fuel injection relay, a problem that has been showing up recently. Due to the variety of battery and igniter relocations, I will need to get some wire lengths required to build the custom harnesses. I can also build harnesses that will tuck under the bracket for a cleaner look, but will not recommend this because of possible noise issues caused by proximity to the plugs. I can pretty much make any changes to the harnesses required, just ask. Most of these will be at no extra cost as each harness is essentially made to order. These will prove to be much less expensive than those that I have seen advertised, as many do not need or cannot afford aircraft spec wiring.
I am unable to update the picture above, will fix that as soon as possible.

Price List :
Complete kit with wire harness 850.00
(harness with relay and fuse inline add 75.00)
Kit without harness: 675.00
Coils 69.00 each
Bracket with hardware 100.00
(specify GTE/GTE-VVTI
Set of plug wires 75.00
(choose black, red, blue, or yellow)
Wire Harness 175.00
(relay and fuse inline add 75.00