RB Kit Info

RB25 RB26 LQ9 GM Coils Conversion

Mojo performance now offers the coil on plug GM coil conversions for the RB engines. They are a major upgrade in spark performance over the stock ignition system. The stock coils are getting old, as well as stock wire harness and igniter/connector problems beginning to appear.

Complete kits and components are available. This system eliminates the igniter if so equipped and replaces the stock coil harness. Installation is plug-and play with coil harnesses made by Wiring Specialties. RB25 NEO engines are now supported, at the same prices as the other kits.

Complete kits include coils (used/cleaned/tested- New coils are no longer offered), bracket set with hardware, wire harness, and instructions. Components are available separately

Coils are the AC Delco D585, as found on flex fuel GM trucks. These are the most powerful of the LS coils.

Price List All prices are shipped to the continental US. Overseas shipping is extra - typical cost with insurance for a complete kit to Europe, Mideast, or Australia is 75.00.

Complete kit with new coils 000.00 ** Kits with new coils are no longer offered due to the new series coils having poor performance and reliability.
with used coils 525.00
Kit without coils 355.00
Bracket set with hardware 150.00
Wire harness (specify if igniter equipped) 150.00
Plug boot/spring kit 60.00
contact springs 20.00

When ordering, please specify your engine : RB 20/or26 (with igniter), RB25Series 1 (with igniter), or RB25 Series 2(no igniter}. This will specify the correct harness to provide.

I accept PayPal rbowers@mojoperf.com or can take credit cards over the phone 321 544-3089

For more info call or email at rick@mojoperf.com