2JZ Kit Info

More to come, but here are the basics:
The Mojo Performance 2JZ GM conversion system mounts the GM coils on-plug and offer significant performance gains and cost effectiveness over the stock coils, some of which are getting to be 25+ years old. There are upwards of 400 LQ9 installations on 2JZ engines as of this writing. The kits can be had with the GTE/VVTI or the GE/Non-VVTI brackets. Installation is not plug-and-play, but involves connection of only 8 wires to the igniter's two connectors. The igniter and the stock coil harness are eliminated. Installation instructions are included.

Coils are adapted to go on-plug with upgraded contact springs in their HV towers and new plug boots. Current versions of the coils have RF shielding installed.

LQ9 conversions can be ordered as complete kits with coils (new OEM AC Delco or used/cleaned/tested) and all parts needed for installation, kits without coils, or individual components. the used coils have proven to be very reliable in the field.

An excellent writeup by an early customer is here:
It is to be noted that my latest harnesses are much prettier than the version shown in the link.

1JZ installs are accommodated by some grinding on the head to physically fit the coils - there have been a number of successful installs with good results.

Please note that the GE heads, both VVTI and the distributor types, require a front facing intake manifold to utilize these coils, as the middle two coils do not fit under the Y-pipe throttle body. Also. if you have GTE valve covers on a GE head, the Mojo GE bracket will require longer standoffs to fit.

If the kit is being installed on a JDM/Asian Supra or Aristo, A Tachometer adaptor such as the Dakota Digital SGI - 8 or MSD-8920 will be required to restore tachometer functionality, as the tach on these cars is driven from a high level output from the (deleted) igniter.

These coils will work with the stock GTE ECU, but need the IGF box listed to synthesize the required IGF signal back to the ECU.

Price list in US$ (all prices shipped to the continental US) - contact me for quotes for shipping overseas - typical cost for Europe/Mideast/Australia Shipping with insurance is 75-80.00.
Complete kit with new OEM AC Delco coils 000.00 ** Kits with new coils are no longer offered. The new series coils have proven to have poor performance and reliability.
with used/cleaned/tested coils 490.00
Kit without coils 345.00
GTE bracket set with hardware 110.00
choose GE bracket to above add 15.00
Harness 150.00
IGF box for stock ECUs only 95.00
Coil boot and contact spring kit 60.00
contact spring set 25.00
coil shielding kit 20.00

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