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Mojo Performance (previously Speedtech) provides turbocharging, Fuel Management/tuning, and other custom performance modifications for most cars. I am a Haltech and Megasquirt dealer, but will configure and tune any standalone EMS. 

Mojo Performance is Rick Bowers, Owner/Mechanic/Tuner/Gopher/Janitor. I am turning my lifelong passion for fast cars into a retirement business after 35+ years as a technician, engineer, and manager in NASA contracting. See the projects page for in-work items, customer cars, and completed projects.

- Rick Bowers

GM LQ9 Coil Kits for the RB25 and RB26

Submitted by Rick on
RB 26 GM LQ9 ignition coils
RB25 RB26 GM LSx/LQ9 ignition coils/brackets
RB25 RB26 GM LQ9 LSx ignition coils
RB25 RB26 GM LQ9 LSx ignition coils
RB 26 RB25 GM LQ9 LSx coil brackets and hardware
Mojo Performance GM LQ9 ignition coil kit for RB25 RB26

I now have bracket systems to install the GM coils on the RB engines. Now the RB guys can enjoy the performance and reliability advantages that the 2JZ folks have seen for the past 2 years or so. Complete kits will be available very soon.

The first installation has been made on Evan Oie's RB26 Series 2 with excellent results. He reports smoother running and the elimination of spark blowout he was experiencing at high boost levels. My Toyota users report reliable spark performance at boost levels into the 40 PSI range!


GM LQ9 Coil Kits for the 2JZ

Submitted by Rick on
Mojo Performance LQ9 coils - on plugs on 2JZ
IGF Simulator
2JZ-GE LQ9 Coil System
2JZ-GE LQ9 coil bracket bottom
2JZ-GE head with LQ9 coils, no bracket

NOTE:  I Have shipped some kits with the expanded Supra instructions having the harness wire colors' sequence for front and rear cable exit reversed. The General Instructions included with every kit have always been correct. Please consult the downloadable atttachents below for a correct version. I hope this has not caused undue trouble.


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