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Mojo Performance is Rick Bowers, CEO, Engineer, Technician, Gopher, and Janitor.
I offer automotive performance modifications such as fuel management and ignition systems. I am a Megasquirt dealer, and will configure and tune Haltech and Electromotive as well.
There are more than 400 of my 2JZ GM coil conversions in the field, and I have now made available a conversion for the RB engines. These are available as complete kits or individual components.

IGN1A Coils and Components for 2JZ

IGN1A to Mojo ECU Side Adaptor harness

IGN1A kits and components Are now available for the 2JZ-GTE and GTE-VVTI. 2JZ-GE VVTI soon.
Full kits include 6 coils, sourced from AMP EFI, a bracket with hardware, Taylor Spiro-Pro 8MM plug wires, and a flying lead wire harness made with TXL auto-spec wire and nylon sheath.

GM/AC Delco D585 "LQ9" Coil Issues, Fixes, and Warranties

There have been several issues with the use of the ACDelco D585 "LQ9" Coils for high performance work. With upwards of 500 kits sold world wide, We have monitored problems arising and have developed the following fixes.

RB Kit Info

RB25 RB26 LQ9 GM Coils Conversion

Mojo performance now offers the coil on plug GM coil conversions for the RB engines. They are a major upgrade in spark performance over the stock ignition system. The stock coils are getting old, as well as stock wire harness and igniter/connector problems beginning to appear.

Complete kits and components are available. This system eliminates the igniter if so equipped and replaces the stock coil harness. Installation is plug-and play with coil harnesses made by Wiring Specialties. RB25 NEO engines are now supported, at the same prices as the other kits.

2JZ Kit Info

More to come, but here are the basics:

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